Mekonnen Negash Bokre Tsegaye Yewondwossen Ergete Jacob Schneider


ABSTRACT Gigantomastia during pregnancy is a rare disorder that is characterized by diffuse, extreme, and incapacitating breast hypertrophy. Ectopic breast tissue is defined as glands of breast tissue located outside of the normal anatomic breasts. The factors controlling breast growth are complex and not completely understood. Breast tissue including ectopic displays all of the characteristics of normal breast tissue including growth during puberty, pregnancy and lactation. Cases of ectopic vulvar lactating breast with gigantomastia have been described in only few cases in the literature. Hence, we present this rare case of a gravid patient with recurrent lactating vulvar breast and gigantomastia. This was managed conservatively with postpartum resolution of gigantomastia and excision of the vulvar mass. (Ethiopian Journal of Reproductive Health 2017;9:1-6)



Case Report