Namus Muhajir Nur Mahlet Yigeremu


INTRODUCTION: Gestational trophoblastic diseases (GTD) are a heterogeneous group of gestational and neoplastic conditions arising from the trophoblast. It is uncommon for gestational trophoblastic disease to present with Preeclampsia and syndrome prior to 24 weeks gestation.
CASE PRESENTATION We present an unusual case of partial molar pregnancy which was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia and Partial HELLP associated with Severe anemia, Sepsis, Hyperthyroidism, Thrombocytopenia & CHF at 03 months of amenorrhea with ultrasound and Histopathology confirmed an incomplete molar pregnancy. Evacuation of the Uterus resulted in rapid resolution of signs, symptoms, and laboratory abnormalities.
CONCLUSION This case demonstrates the acuteness in which life-threatening maternal conditions can arise with this uncommon complication of pregnancy, and the importance of early & correct identification of the characteristic laboratory & ultrasonographic findings associated with a molar pregnancy.
kEY WORDS: Molar pregnancy, Preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome (Ethiopian Journal of Reproductive Health; 2019; 11;1:71-77)



Case Report