Fanta Asefa Gudina Fikadu Abonesh Taye


Background: Globally complications during pregnancy, childbirth and the post-natal period are the leading causes of death and disability among women of reproductive age. The causes of these deaths are mostly preventable through proper care during pregnancy. Despite adoption of these model by Ethiopia, there is low utilization of antenatal care and skilled personnel at delivery in addition to poor quality of antenatal care which result in high maternal and perinatal mortality rate.

Objective: The main objective of this study was to assess quality of antenatal care among mothers attending antenatal care in Jimma University Medical center.

Methods: Hospital based cross sectional study was conducted among 358 mothers attending antenatal care in Jimma University Medical center, from April 01/2018 to May 31/2018.

Result: The study also showed that overall satisfaction of client was 58.1%. The likelihood of satisfaction from antenatal care service was higher among clients who started antenatal care visit before 16 weeks [AOR = 1.76 (95%CI =1.04-2.99)], routine investigation was done [AOR =6.1 (95% CI= 2.54-14.63)], respectful [AOR= 2.15 (95% CI= 1.18-3.9)], privacy was maintained [AOR=1.84 (95% CI=1.07-3.18)] and waiting time was less than 60 minute [AOR= 2.05 (95% CI= 1.28-3.29)].

Conclusion and recommendations:

This study also showed that gestational age at start of antenatal, routine investigation done, respectful, privacy and waiting time were independent predictors of client satisfaction. To improve quality of antenatal care there is need to provide in-service training for health care providers to improve providers’ practices as well as on importance of greeting clients.

Keyword: Quality antenatal, Jimma, Ethiopia 



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