Farideh Moramezi Samaneh Ghobadi Shabnam Salemi Razeih Mohamad Jafari


Background: Endometrial thickness is a determining factor in successful implantation and pregnancy. So, this study is aimed at assessing the association between the serum levels of progesterone and endometrial status on the day of hCG injection in women treated with in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Methods: Totally, 71 women who underwent IVF cycle were prospectively recruited in this study. On the day of hCG injection, their serum progesterone levels were evaluated with the ELISA kit. The endometrial thickness was examined using transvaginal ultrasound. Patients were divided into two groups, including patients with progesterone ≤ 1 ng /ml and progesterone> 1 ng/ml. Eventually, patients' demographic and clinical features were statistically compared between two groups.

Results: Among all the evaluated demographic and clinical factors, only the rate of nulligravid (P= 0.03) and abortion (P= 0.02) in the progesterone group ≤ 1 ng/ml was significantly higher than their rate in the progesterone group > 1 ng/ml. Moreover, the mean (SD) endometrial thickness was not significantly different between the two groups (P= 0.83).

Conclusion: No significant relationship existed between the serum level of progesterone on the day of hCG injection and the endometrial thickness in women treated with IVF. However, a significant negative correlation existed between its level and the rate of gravidity and abortion.




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