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Background: - For clients undergoing invitro-fertilization(IVF) there is no consensus regarding the management of non-cavity distorting Intramural myoma 

Objective: To assess the prevalence and treatment outcomes of IVF clients with uterine myoma.

Methods: A 2-year (April 1 2019-April 1,2021) chart review was conducted for 1300 infertile women who had undergone IVF. Categorical data were summarized in proportion, and continuous data were summarized using mean, median, and standard deviation where appropriate. Bivariate logistic regression was conducted to assess the association between predictor variables and the outcome variable (clinical pregnancy). P-Value < 0.05 was taken to be significant

Results: Of the total 1,300 IVF clients, 282 (21.7%) cases were diagnosed to have myoma. Among the 13 cases of cavity distorting intramural myoma who underwent IVF without myomectomy, all were negative for clinical pregnancy, whereas among the 60 cases of cavity distorting myoma who had pre-IVF myomectomy followed by IVF, 16 (26.7%) were positive for clinical pregnancy. This difference was not statistically significant (P=0.160).

Among 138 cases of non-cavity distorting Intramural Myoma who had undergone IVF without pre-IVF myomectomy, 38 (27.5%) had clinical pregnancy. In contrast, among 19 cases who had undergone pre-IVF myomectomy followed by IVF, only 2 (10.5%) had a clinical pregnancy. This difference was not statistically significant (P=0.160).

Conclusion: While not statistically significant, conducting pre-IVF myomectomy for cavity distorting myomas improves clinical pregnancy, while pre-IVF Myomectomy does not improve clinical pregnancy for women with non-cavity distorting myoma. we recommend further research with a larger sample size





myoma; infertility;invitro fertilization; myomectomy; treatment outcomes

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